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Published January 28, 2017

I’ve created a YouTube channel. Why not create a website?

Today I decided, “We’ve created a YouTube channel. Why not create a website?” So I did. And it took a very long time, let me tell you that! If you’re wondering why I never speak, it’s simply because every time I go out to buy a microphone, the toddlers break it.

For the toddlers, Mrs Orange Blob and I arranged a play date for the toddlers. We cleared out one room so they couldn’t smash anything. It turns out that they got a robot to make sure that we couldn’t get to them. It was ridiculous! See what happened.

Creating the trailer for it

When I had the idea of creating a website, I thought, “I need to promote my new website otherwise who would know about it?” So, I had an idea: create a trailer for it.

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