Mother’s Day

Published May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time for celebrating what your mothers do for you. You know, like cooking or cleaning or whatever. And whatever you do, don’t write your card at the very last minute. I wrote my Mother’s Day card at the last minute once, and here’s what happened.

Writing the card

It was the morning of Mother’s Day, and I was in my bedroom, writing the Mother’s Day card. But my dad said that I was in really big trouble for writing it at the very last minute. And the worst thing was he told Mum about it. Mum didn’t really mind.

Buying a present

Five days before Mother’s Day, I bought some flowers, which had withered by the time it came round to Mother’s Day. Dad, as usual, got really angry. But Mum didn’t mind. She said that “it’s the thought that counts.”

So, this Mother’s Day, give your mother a good hug and a kiss. She does a lot for you and deserves your love.

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