May Bank Holiday

Published May 29, 2018

Early May Bank Holiday At The Seaside

This weekend is the Early May Bank Holiday Weekend, and to celebrate, we’re all going down to Kingsbridge for three days. I’ve got the children out of school for the day today (Friday) so we can spend as much time down there as possible. Ellie is causing chaos as usual at the petrol station and I tried to stop her. But now, we’re in traffic and that is how I’m writing this blog post!

Where are we staying?

We are staying in a nice detached cottage in the lovely town of Kingsbridge. I hope it won’t be as much chaos as last time we went down to the seaside:

OK, so we had a good night’s sleep after a nice walk around Kingsbridge in the evening, which I must say, was very atmospheric. We ate out at a local fish and chip restaurant before having a nice walk and coming back to the cottage.


On Saturday, we all got up, had our breakfast, got in the car and headed for Dartmouth. It was really busy there! We had a look around the shops. Ellie was strangely quiet until we got to the fudge shop… where they were giving free samples of fudge!

The Fudge Shop

Ellie and Hannah kept begging to go into the fudge shop. We eventually said yes and went in. They had many flavours of fudge, including Marmite (oh, how I love my Marmite.) We eventually bought a white, plastic bag full of chocolate fudge. It didn’t cost us much at all.

We had left the shop, and by that point, Ellie and Hannah had gone through nearly half a bag of fudge. There was silence for a period of time once we started walking away from the fudge shop until they had finished the fudge.

Hannah started to talk to us really fast whilst Ellie ran off amongst the crowd. I ran and tried to catch her, but, for a while, I couldn’t. She was simply going too fast for me. I hoped, just hoped, that she would eventually get out of breath and stop for just long enough so I could get her back. But that didn’t happen.

Thankfully, a person from the crowd had grabbed hold of Ellie and had seen us running after her. We said a grateful thank you to him, grabbed Ellie and hoped that she wouldn’t run off again.

For dinner, we went to an Italian pizza restaurant and ate there. I loved the spicy pizza I had, and my wife ordered Zapparoli, which looks a bit like this:

Ellie had a pepperoni pizza with cheese (how she likes cheese, I don’t know!) and Hannah had a Margherita Bufala, which looks like this:

We then all got back in the car and went back to the cottage.


Sunday was a really nice day. We went down to the beach and spent the morning there. In the afternoon, we decided to hike up a cliff (we drove up most of the way, but there we go) and when we reached the top, the view was beautiful. We all then went down the hill onto the beach where we sunbathed for the rest of the day before the tide came in. As soon as the tide did start to come in, we fled to this lobster restaurant which is where we ate for dinner that night.


We had packed our bags the night before and set out from our lovely cottage at 9am. We drove to a local seaside where the children played and we relaxed for a while. We all then got in the car and drove back.

Driving back home

It was really busy on the roads and it therefore took us a long time to get back to our home. And by the time we got back home, we had annihilated every single CD in our car. And so, when we got back, we went to the local CD shop to choose some more. We gave the old ones to charity shops. It was quite fun!

Afterwards, we got back to our house and said hello to our cats (we got Miss Orange Blob to feed them) and everything else we had missed during our time in Kingsbridge. And I just can’t wait to go back there again… for slightly longer.

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