Fidget Spinner

Published June 3, 2017

Fidget Spinner

Ellie, Hannah and Oliver were begging for me to buy these Fidget Spinners. Not knowing what they were, I looked it up and it turns out they are these things that you spin about in your hands. Schools were banning them because children wouldn’t focus in lessons and it turns out the woman who invented them didn’t get a patent purely because she couldn’t afford one. And now she’s lost out on millions of pounds! (I feel sorry for that woman!)

Anyway, I went to the local newsagents and bought a black Fidget Spinner. I walked home and gave them to my children. They were playing with it for hours on end: it was amazing. They asked me to have a go at it. I put it on my head and they all laughed. They then told me that wasn’t the purpose of Fidget Spinners.

One of them then showed me how to play with it and I then had a go before Mrs Pink Blob had a go and it went on and on for hours. It was just as well because it had started to rain by the time I had bought the Fidget Spinner. By this point, there was thunder and lightning and everything.

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