30 Degrees in May

Published May 26, 2017

30C on the 26th May

Boy it is hot today! We’ve had to dust off those fans and have them on full blast all around the house. Meanwhile, my wife is sunbathing in the garden with me, who is writing this post on my phone. The children are insides, their cheeks red and they are both now in the cold bath that I ran for them.

Ways to stay cool

Whilst you’re out, keep the curtains shut to prevent your house heating up like a greenhouse like it did last year. Hannah and Ellie were literally exhausted the moment they got up: they couldn’t get out of bed.

Another way to keep cool is to replace your duvet with sheets. This really helps – especially during those humid nights!

Now the clouds are moving away, I’d better get back to that sunbathing.


On Sunday night, there was a huge thunderstorm with lightning and we couldn’t sleep.

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